Healthcare Industry Update – 16th February 2022

Healthcare Industry Update – 16th February 2022

The importance of our worldwide healthcare sector has been magnified in recent years as we continue the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the sector also faces mounting pressures to address labour shortages while navigating an ever-changing healthcare situation. This exponential growth in healthcare activity has seen the demand for healthcare workers rise dramatically on a global scale.

Our previous healthcare industry update discussed Ireland’s relaxation of its Covid-19 restrictions following almost 2 years of one of the toughest lockdown regimes across Europe, Ireland’s healthcare staff are in line to receive a €1,000 bonus as a thank you for their continued hard work within the health sector, and the National Maternity Hospital launched a first of its kind menopause clinic for those who are experiencing difficulties.

Here are the latest Healthcare Industry Updates:

  • Ireland’s Covid-19 numbers are continually decreasing as a result of population immunity as a more dangerous variant is unlikely to appear according to population health expert, Prof Noel McCarthy.
  • Talks are underway for the construction of a new healthcare facility in Limerick through a partnership of UL Hospitals Group and private health provider UPMC.
  • The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (Niac) is expected to issue its recommendation for teenagers and the booster vaccine over the coming weeks.
  • Irish healthcare workers are rapidly adopting digital skills and undertaking online courses in an attempt to boost current levels of job satisfaction and enhance future prospects.
  • HSE Chief Executive Paul Reed has announced a budget of €47 million for mental health services and care throughout Ireland for 2022, including the €10 million secured last year.

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