Healthcare Industry Update – 16th March 2022

Healthcare Industry Update – 16th March 2022

The importance of our worldwide healthcare sector has been magnified in recent years as we continue to learn more about how we can live alongside Covid-19. However, the sector also faces mounting pressures to address labour shortages while navigating an ever-changing healthcare situation. This exponential growth in healthcare activity has seen the demand for healthcare workers rise dramatically on a global scale.

Our previous healthcare industry update discussed how Ireland has lifted the vast majority of their Covid-19 restrictions following one of the strictest regimes in Europe over the past two years, Ireland’s new €350 million waiting list plan aimed at removing over 1.7 million people from waiting lists over the next 5 years, and how Ireland has the third-longest healthy life expectancy in Europe whilst topping the list for STEM graduates.

Here are the latest Healthcare Industry Updates:

  • Ireland has set up a new €5.3 million women’s health plan which aims at creating a “one-stop-shop” for women who are looking to receive medical attention and treatment.
  • Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in recent weeks, the Irish government is expected to agree to regulations allowing refugees access to PPS numbers, income supports, and healthcare facilities.
  • Healthcare workers in Ireland must have been “at-risk” for over a 1-year period to qualify for the full €1,000 payment with a tiered system now being considered by the government.
  • Ireland has published its €20.7 billion HSE service plan for 2022 as the Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly aims to reduce waiting lists, build infrastructure, and address staffing issues.
  • Also, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly expressed his surprise at the fact higher grade medical masks weren’t recommended during the peak Omicron wave in January.

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