Meet the Team – Catherine Cornelius

Welcome to our “Meet the Team” series, where we introduce you to the amazing people who make AA Euro Healthcare tick!

Today, we’re thrilled to feature Catherine Cornelius, our recently appointed UK Nursing Manager for Northern Ireland & UK.

Get ready to be inspired by her diverse background, passion for healthcare, and exciting vision for AA Euro Healthcare’s expansion.

About Catherine Cornelius:
  • American roots: Hailing from Texas and residing in London for over 6 years, Catherine brings a global perspective to her role.
  • Seasoned nurse: With 20+ years of experience, Catherine has an impressive background in Critical Care, Trauma, and various nursing positions.
  • Military service: Prior to becoming a nurse, Catherine served in the US Army, demonstrating her commitment to service and leadership.


Beyond the workplace:
  • Adventure enthusiast: Catherine is an avid motorcyclist, gym rat, and globetrotter, having visited over 100 countries!
  • Animal lover: This proud pet parent shares her home with a giant cat named Kevin and a rottweiler named Texas.
  • Fun fact: Most people wouldn’t guess Catherine is also a licensed bodyguard – talk about diverse skills!


Career Journey:
  • Motivated by helping others: Leaving the military, Catherine found her calling in nursing, attracted to its flexibility and the satisfaction of aiding others.
  • High-flying achievements: Serving as a flight nurse on a trauma helicopter stands as a testament to her dedication and expertise.
  • Evolving path: From bedside care to travel assistance and management roles, Catherine’s journey reflects her desire for growth and a healthy work-life balance.




At AA Euro Healthcare:
  • Thriving on variety: Catherine relishes the diverse team composition across countries and the hybrid work flexibility offered by AA Euro.
  • Excited about expansion: She sees immense potential in the UK and Northern Ireland markets, envisioning a high-quality service for top-tier clients.
  • Unique contributions: With her strong people skills, business acumen, and healthcare expertise, Catherine bridges the gap between nursing and business, benefiting AA Euro immensely.


Key insights:
  • AA Euro’s strengths: Catherine highlights the company’s years of recruitment experience, global reputation in construction, and potential for market recognition in the UK.
  • Future goals: Establishing a base of high-caliber clients and staff while delivering top-notch healthcare staffing solutions excites her.


  • Alternative career: Security, leveraging her bodyguard license.
  • Recommendations: Catherine emphasizes personal growth and self-empowerment over specific podcasts or books.
  • Favourite holiday spot: Roatan, Honduras, for its incredible scuba diving.
  • Remote work: While enjoying hybrid flexibility, Catherine finds in-office work more productive.
  • Industry trends: She observes a concerning trend of subpar agencies exploiting foreign workers, tarnishing the reputation of legitimate providers.
  • Biggest recruiting pet peeve: Lack of transparency from clients and workers regarding needs and skills.




Connect with Catherine:

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Catherine!

Stay tuned for more inspiring team member introductions in our “Meet the Team” series.

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