Recruitment Insights 2022: Elaine Casey

Recruitment Insights 2022: Elaine Casey

Elaine Casey is a Healthcare Recruitment Specialist at AA Euro Healthcare. Elaine is responsible for supporting clients with temporary placements and recruiting both temporary and permanent healthcare professionals.

Recruitment Insights

We caught up with Elaine to hear more about her career in recruitment, as well as her industry insights and top tips for candidates.

About Elaine

A keen traveler and avid podcast enthusiast, Elaine’s background is quite varied.

Elaine has worked in hospitality, and marketing, and even volunteered for the Irish Guide Dogs. Not only that, but Elaine also spent 5 years assisting a veterinary team in testing cows for disease.

Always eager to keep learning, Elaine is currently pursuing a degree in Training and Development at the University of Galway.

Elaine’s favourite quote is “there is no excuse for not trying”Barack Obama


A Career in Recruitment

Elaine joined AA Euro Healthcare in January 2022, having previously spent four years working for an employment agency, as well as spending time working in the public health sector. This is where she was first exposed to the recruitment world, supporting the Recruitment and Staff Management team.

Elaine was drawn to recruitment by the opportunity to help and encourage others.


“It’s rewarding knowing that you have succeeded in finding the candidate the right career path for them. I enjoy a challenge and encouraging others to make the most of what skills they have and to reach their full potential.”


Recruitment Insights


Elaine is extremely passionate about her work, and takes every aspect of a task seriously, working hard to deliver excellent results.

Having previously worked in the public health sector, and enjoyed every minute of it, Elaine was keen to remain in the healthcare industry when searching for her next role.


“I enjoyed meeting key stakeholders and working with frontline staff and management during the Covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to pursue a career where I could use the skills I had learned and the experience I had gained to make positive contributions to the healthcare industry.”


Some of Elaine’s favourite things about working in recruitment include:

  • Helping candidates find their ideal career path
  • Developing ideas to improve productivity and structure
  • Developing and implementing new procedures
  • Working on projects and events

A Changing Industry

Elaine spoke to us about how the Covid-19 pandemic has massively altered the recruitment landscape.

“Since the pandemic, the recruitment industry has completely changed. Everything is now digital. From conducting interviews and training over Zoom to using an integrated system to track applications, client needs, new roles, and more. It has been a challenging transition for both recruiters and employers alike.”


Recruitment Insights

Elaine’s Advice for Jobseekers

We concluded our chat with Elaine by asking her to share some of her expert advice for jobseekers.

What advice would you give to potential recruits?

Elaine: Be yourself in an interview and showcase your skills and even volunteer work. Network in your local area and use LinkedIn to connect with employers.

What makes a candidate’s CV stand out to you?

Elaine: Knowing the candidate has tailored their CV to suit the job requirements. It shows that he/she read the job description and ensured that everything was covered.

What is a common mistake you see jobseekers make?

Elaine: A lack of attention to detail and not updating relevant work experience /education on their CV.


Contact Elaine for All your Recruitment Needs

Phone Number: 085 8608026
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: elainecasey14/

We hope that you enjoyed this edition of healthcare recruitment insights with Elaine Casey.

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