6 Best Tips to Make Relocating to Ireland for Healthcare Work Easier

Relocating for work can be an overwhelming experience for many because it is one of the biggest career choices you may make.

However, opportunities to relocate are becoming more frequent given the major surge in the demand for healthcare workers both here in Ireland and on a global level. 

September saw an announcement by the HSE, which is to offer grants to international healthcare workers, both in the EU and outside of it, to come to Ireland to work in healthcare.

This incentive launched by the HSE will see the provision of relocation packages of €4,000 to healthcare workers to help in relocating to Ireland.

It will aim to provide financial support for:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Necessary fees and documentation

Relocating for your career will require planning and organisation to make the experience and process of moving as easy as possible.

With this in mind, if you are considering relocating for work, keep reading to find out some of our best tips to follow when relocating for your new healthcare career.


6 Best Practices for Relocating

1. Take Time to Research

If you plan to relocate for your career, completing as much research as you can is a perfect place to start and will be vital in preparing you for the journey ahead.

When looking to relocate, there are some key points to note and some aspects of the moving process that you may want to research. 

We suggest looking at some of the following:

  1. Trying to learn as much as possible about the area you are interested in
  2. The accommodation available
  3. The surrounding neighbourhoods
  4. Modes of transport
  5. Amenities

Learn as much as you can about the area and what it has to offer because not only will this give you a greater understanding of the location and lifestyle but it will also prepare you to take the next steps in planning your big move.


2. Do Some Exploring!

Another great tip is to take the opportunity to visit the area you are considering relocating to before making your final decision about deciding to move and start your new career. 

Researching the area will give you as much information as possible through resources such as blog posts and news articles, however, try to supplement all of this information with a visit to the region. 

Visiting the area will help discover how you feel about the region, something you can uncover by visiting and getting to know your way around and also allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of the area.

After visiting the location you will have a better gauge of some of the things you like and enjoy about the area and some of the things that you may want to raise questions about and research further. 

Visit the Area New - Relocating


3. Talk to Locals

One of the best ways to get to know a new place is to talk to the people that know it best – the local people.

Taking the opportunity to talk to some of the local people will be a great follow-up to your research on the region.

Your conversations will give you the chance to learn about the area from their point of view, gaining insight into their thoughts and opinions on the lifestyle, day-to-day life and the standard and the cost of living there. 


Talk to locals New - Relocating


4. Find Accommodation to Suit You

After visiting the location and learning more about the different neighbourhoods, it will be time to start looking for some accommodation in the region. 

If you are not fully sure about permanently relocating to the area, it may be worth considering choosing a temporary and shorter-term form of accommodation when you move initially. 

This can be a good option to consider when moving as renting rather than buying may be a good choice in terms of giving you greater flexibility with lease length, meaning you have time to decide if you would like to permanently relocate. 

However, if you do decide you would like to buy a property, make sure to give some consideration to the long-term implications of owning a property in the new location.

In either instance, it will be important to ensure that you can afford to rent or purchase the property whilst maintaining a good standard of living also.


Accommodation New - Relocating


5. Budget and Save for the Move

There is no doubt that moving can be expensive, something that will require some thoughtful budgeting and saving to help with any costs involved with the move.

Try to create an educated budget on the costs you may incur when you plan to relocate. If you can give yourself a clearer idea of the savings you will need, it will be hugely beneficial when you start to actively develop a savings fund for the move. 

Because relocating can be a tedious process, planning and organising your finances for the move will help you to prepare in advance and avoid being caught off guard by any expenses unaccounted for.


Budget and save New - Relocating


6. Be Sure to Network and Socialise!

Networking and socialising will be a really important part of your relocating experience, helping you to settle in and create a social circle in your new area. 

Take some time to meet some new people when you move.

You could could meet new people:

  1. Where you work
  2. At events
  3. Out in the community socialising

There are some great ways to meet new people and it will make relocating much more enjoyable.

Networking and making friends may push you out of your comfort zone, but you will gain a huge amount of experience along the way and provide greater comfort to you once you are relocated to your new location.

Network and Socialise New - Relocating

Relocating is a big career move and we hope that our guide has given you some helpful tips to start your new journey. 

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